Friday, January 21, 2011

Make Do And Mend

Happy New Year everyone! I know things have seemed quiet on the eastern front here, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. But until i'm prepared to announce some big things, i got some exciting news & kind words today... the new Make Do and Mend LP came out, and everyone is excited about it!

i didn't take the gorgeous jacket photos or do the superb design here (that would be the amazing Rob Dobi), but the ambitious & generous folks at Paper + Plastick records, as well as the band MDAM (incredibly nice, and whose awesome music you can listen to HERE), needed my help in a pinch a few months back. It seems they had some packaging ideas for their rocking new full length LP, but they hadn't really been done before. So i created a custom one-of-a-kind die-line for the guys, and they let me know today that they received the final product (see above!) and couldn't be happier.

It makes me feel good to know that people feel they can count on me, not only to solve problems, innovate a little, & help manufacture their vision, but also that i can be counted on period, even if it means another all-nighter, or taking a few phone calls while taking my Dad to see "True Grit" on a Festivus afternoon in Virginia! i'm just super proud to have been any part of this release, and to know so many awesome people who all had their hands in this


here are some notes i took talking to James about the vinyl packaging:

the die-line i concocted for manufacturing:

a "mock-up" of the front cover when folded:
(there were printing limits on width, but the asymmetrical solution worked out nice)

the art in my die-line, ready to go to the presses:
(thanks to the excellent hard-working folks at IMPRINT)
(the tree is a die-cut window, and the existing logo of the band, here used as a pocket)
a rough tiny 2" mock i did out of sheer nervousness the next morning.
whenever i engineer a new die-line, i always make these pint size records. fun!
i want to make absolutely certain that everything works correctly.

and here it is in 12" glory! find out more about the band and how you can order this HERE!

thanks for reading! Even though i didn't really do the stunning artwork here, i just wanted to share a different side to something i am passionate about: elaborately packaged records!