Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Coffee Project Logo

My good friends Jake & Buddy from Coffee Project asked me to design them a logo they could use on shirts, koozies, and all sorts of merch! i can't wait to see this in use, and them, soon

-hear songs from them HERE!
-make nice and be friends with them HERE!
-buy their records HERE!
-see some art i got to do for their new LP HERE!

photo of koozie in use by the incredible Edie Snyder!

the store went up! check out all the cool merch to buy HERE !

Monday, November 29, 2010

We Are The Union

fast dudes" who make "fast tunes" supergroup We Are The Union asked me in october if i could step on the gas and make some shirts in time for FL's The Fest 9 as well as their European tour w/ Less Than Jake (you may or may not have seen the following ad-mat, like this one sighted in Glasgow Scotland by Jeff "bleeding edges" DeSantis... )

they were looking for something a little more iconic, and i tried to look and listen to a lot of what they were saying in their songs and who they were as a band and all they've gone through, and of course have a lot of fun.

so i gave them a couple of sketches...
(click for larger view if you like)

and they chose what they liked the most:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

she said yes!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Covenant House PA

(click for larger view)

i'm so lucky

for a lot of reasons. lucky because i have a home. lucky because i grew up in a loving home, with a loving family. lucky because there are a lot of young people today who do not have the same fortune of stability and shelter like most of us do and take for granted.

luckier still because there are places like The Covenant House, and friends of mine like Dave Reis who work hard to help the homeless youth in our country. The Covenant House of PA has been helping the homeless youth of Philadelphia with shelter and other services since 2000. Dave has been working there full time for years, and his incredible rock-and-roll real-deal super group The Improbables are putting on a benefit concert THIS SATURDAY at 7pm to help raise money for CHPA. it's going to be an amazing event for a very important cause.

i was proud to contribute the above design for hand silk screened posters as well as t-shirts printed by our friends at Awesome Dudes Printing
please come and help! it will be a great time!

Saturday November 13th - 7pm!
at Tritone (1508 South st) Philadelphia PA
more info HERE

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sailor Jerry Presents!

this friday! at the Sailor Jerry shop in Olde City Philadelphia, a great art show curated by Jeff "bleeding edges" DeSantis, paying tribute to the godfather of tattoos, Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins.

my piece was a take on one of my favorite traditionals, "Man's Ruin":

the man himself:
why don't you come by! there's going to be free rum, and great work by great folks at a fun location

Thursday, November 4, 2010

coming soon to a stadium near you!

(click for details if you like!)

above: 15 foot backdrop

this will actually be 4 scrims divided and duplicated flanking the band

as the group begins a new renaissance while continuing to conduct the rock n' roll choo-choo, i am continually excited and honored to be a part of the people's [visual] history of my good friends, Less Than Jake. the thought here was something classic & clean, and broad & malleable (in concept and theme, as well as color). so we went black and white to allow the colored lights of stage and set work all the wonders. i can't wait to see this in person

while the art references both the band's icon of the "evolution kid" (did i really draw that 15 years ago?) as well as their beloved "Gainesville Rock City" (which LTJ certainly built), i had a little phrase running through my head the whole time: "Propaganda of Fun". seemed like the fun of that paradox helped pull the oxymoron into subtle territory, with hopes that in the end, it would just look awesome

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Dead of Night" Radio !

The Autumn Society brings you 6 new & chilling artwork covers for Dick Grunert's DEAD OF NIGHT RADIO series.
STAY TUNED as we release a new cover each night @ Midnight, starting OCTOBER 29TH to NOVEMBER 2ND.

Available on iTUNES under "Dead of Night Radio"

Meet Eric Ryder. He's about to receive a special... Night Delivery!

From the horrific mind of writer/director Dick Grunert, Dead Of Night Radio is an homage to the old time radio horror shows like Inner Sanctum and Lights Out... with a modern twist!

Peter Wonsowski loves cartooning and designing record packages, so getting to illustrate the romantic and terrifying image for an imaginative radio performance this halloween -- in the beloved square format -- was a real Halloween treat! Peter has worked with bands like Less than Jake, Adam Arcuragi, Coffee Project, and more!

The Autumn Society is a collective of Illustrators from around the world. From art galleries, art books, to fundraisers, the Autumn Society will rise to any creative need or challenge.

Music by Lance Madzey and Sound Design by Krandal Krews

Dead of Night Radio is recorded at Sunshine Studios in Studio City, CA.


above is actually the version that almost went out (i wasn't even done) when a horrible (happy) accident occurred with the red. i decided it was without a doubt the way to go and gave it a much more subtle and scary mood for the old-timey audio-terror.
(click for a larger view!):
thanks to Joe Game for sprucing up the bio i submitted, and especially including me on such a horrific & terrific (and terrorrific?) project. be sure to check out all the other artists and stories at Dead of Night Radio!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sullivan's Sluggers - Casey's Wallop

(click for a larger view!)
well, we don't know the results yet, but The Autumn Society was invited to submit a pin-up for Image Comics' new fun athletic horror comic "Sullivan's Sluggers", and Image Comics would be picking their favorite 2 to publish, and the rest to help advertise. above was mine, and though certainly inspired by the book's team's coach, i was thinking of dear Rollie Fingers the whole time
meanwhile, my good buddy Justin Gray submitted this staggering monster of a piece that keeps unfolding more horrors and treasures the more i stare at it. i just had to post it here for people to click on. you should absolutely check out his blog HERE as well.

by Justin Gray:
happy halloween!