Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Dead of Night" Radio !

The Autumn Society brings you 6 new & chilling artwork covers for Dick Grunert's DEAD OF NIGHT RADIO series.
STAY TUNED as we release a new cover each night @ Midnight, starting OCTOBER 29TH to NOVEMBER 2ND.

Available on iTUNES under "Dead of Night Radio"

Meet Eric Ryder. He's about to receive a special... Night Delivery!

From the horrific mind of writer/director Dick Grunert, Dead Of Night Radio is an homage to the old time radio horror shows like Inner Sanctum and Lights Out... with a modern twist!

Peter Wonsowski loves cartooning and designing record packages, so getting to illustrate the romantic and terrifying image for an imaginative radio performance this halloween -- in the beloved square format -- was a real Halloween treat! Peter has worked with bands like Less than Jake, Adam Arcuragi, Coffee Project, and more!

The Autumn Society is a collective of Illustrators from around the world. From art galleries, art books, to fundraisers, the Autumn Society will rise to any creative need or challenge.

Music by Lance Madzey and Sound Design by Krandal Krews

Dead of Night Radio is recorded at Sunshine Studios in Studio City, CA.


above is actually the version that almost went out (i wasn't even done) when a horrible (happy) accident occurred with the red. i decided it was without a doubt the way to go and gave it a much more subtle and scary mood for the old-timey audio-terror.
(click for a larger view!):
thanks to Joe Game for sprucing up the bio i submitted, and especially including me on such a horrific & terrific (and terrorrific?) project. be sure to check out all the other artists and stories at Dead of Night Radio!