Thursday, November 4, 2010

coming soon to a stadium near you!

(click for details if you like!)

above: 15 foot backdrop

this will actually be 4 scrims divided and duplicated flanking the band

as the group begins a new renaissance while continuing to conduct the rock n' roll choo-choo, i am continually excited and honored to be a part of the people's [visual] history of my good friends, Less Than Jake. the thought here was something classic & clean, and broad & malleable (in concept and theme, as well as color). so we went black and white to allow the colored lights of stage and set work all the wonders. i can't wait to see this in person

while the art references both the band's icon of the "evolution kid" (did i really draw that 15 years ago?) as well as their beloved "Gainesville Rock City" (which LTJ certainly built), i had a little phrase running through my head the whole time: "Propaganda of Fun". seemed like the fun of that paradox helped pull the oxymoron into subtle territory, with hopes that in the end, it would just look awesome