Monday, December 20, 2010

Saint November

Recently Liam Toms asked if i would help him create the mascot for his new label for music, art, and more on the Restless Coast in the south of the UK. always happy to collaborate with like minded individuals, and eager to help a fan & friend from across the pond, i jumped at the chance.

it didn't take much to understand each other, and Liam was one of the nicest guys I've had the pleasure of working with (though i seem to be incredibly blessed with knowing and working with such nice people)

sketches (on the plane from Florida)
black & white studies, because any logo needs to look great in stark B&W
color studies to see where he wanted to go
a variation on the final, with some watercolor on top of the digital inking
(feel free to click on any of these for a larger view)
keep an eye out for all the amazing things Liam and St. November are doing HERE!

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vegan Treats Tote Bags!

(feel free to click on any of these images for larger views!)

below is an earlier version that wasn't quite working. whatever the roadblocks were, i'm glad it helped pave the road for the above final design. Danielle is always a treat to work with and there's all sorts of bright excitement in the future...

be sure to go HERE to order some great Vegan Treats products this holiday season, and as always, you can find out more at !

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Homebase Skateshop : Joy Division

who knew Lehigh Valley loved Joy Division so much? there's a lot of new designs coming up for Bethlehem Skateboarding Mecca HOMEBASE SKATESHOP but this was an old idea Andy and I had kicked around since we started working together a year ago.

we would take Joy Division's classic "unknown pleasures" LP and merge it with Bethlehem's great landmark steel factory.

i did the line work, which too a lot more thoughtful planning out than i had originally thought. once i set up some rules and language to the method, it was a blast. i simply "inversed" my pencils in photoshop.

the final collab between me and Andy. the response has been so great that we're making stickers, t-shirts, and skateboard decks with this!

don't forget, 'tis still the season where you can enter Homebase's $610 shopping spree (by purchasing a handsome counterfeit Franklin "raffle ticket" i designed). winner will be drawn Jan. 14th and they've already raised over $1000 to help build the Bethlehem Skateplaza. Every little bit helps build a place that EVERYONE can FREELY enjoy.

thank you!


Thursday, December 2, 2010


(click for larger image)

This friday in Philadelphia, December 3rd, altruistic designer Mat Kerfren & the Autumn Society brings holiday cheer with "Playtime", a fantastic charity show dedicated to raising money for Toys For Tots. Olde City gallery and comics & toys hobbyist dream store Brave New Worlds is hosting the event, and in addition to setting up a donations box where toys can bring less fortunate children a lot of happiness, they and most of the artists have agreed to donate their full cuts, not just proceeds, to the charity.

when Mat called me months ago to tell me about his idea for the show, i was excited. i've long wanted to use art as a vessel to do some god in the world, but Mat was the one actually getting off his duff and doing it. What was even more the honor was that he thought of me to collaborate on the flyer with. Mat said he wanted a drawing that captured the joy of a child getting a toy on Christmas day, and that he immediately thought of me. not only is that one of the hugest compliments i could possibly hear, but this may be one of the absolute most fun drawings i got to work on all year. it was a joy illustrating joy.

i then inked it digitally, and cyclically collaborating with Mat Kerfren's design, layout, and art direction, we soon had a flyer for the big event! i love the price tag Mat put on the corner.

some more details about the show, which you can also read HERE:
we've even gotten some great press from the Philly Weekly, Geekadelphia, and Phillyist!

the final painting (at the top) took the art i created digitally for the flyer and had it printed on watercolor paper. i then added flourishes of watercolor, pencil, and even glow-in-the-dark paint once again for the robot and his sparks.

thanks for reading and happy holidays!