Thursday, December 2, 2010


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This friday in Philadelphia, December 3rd, altruistic designer Mat Kerfren & the Autumn Society brings holiday cheer with "Playtime", a fantastic charity show dedicated to raising money for Toys For Tots. Olde City gallery and comics & toys hobbyist dream store Brave New Worlds is hosting the event, and in addition to setting up a donations box where toys can bring less fortunate children a lot of happiness, they and most of the artists have agreed to donate their full cuts, not just proceeds, to the charity.

when Mat called me months ago to tell me about his idea for the show, i was excited. i've long wanted to use art as a vessel to do some god in the world, but Mat was the one actually getting off his duff and doing it. What was even more the honor was that he thought of me to collaborate on the flyer with. Mat said he wanted a drawing that captured the joy of a child getting a toy on Christmas day, and that he immediately thought of me. not only is that one of the hugest compliments i could possibly hear, but this may be one of the absolute most fun drawings i got to work on all year. it was a joy illustrating joy.

i then inked it digitally, and cyclically collaborating with Mat Kerfren's design, layout, and art direction, we soon had a flyer for the big event! i love the price tag Mat put on the corner.

some more details about the show, which you can also read HERE:
we've even gotten some great press from the Philly Weekly, Geekadelphia, and Phillyist!

the final painting (at the top) took the art i created digitally for the flyer and had it printed on watercolor paper. i then added flourishes of watercolor, pencil, and even glow-in-the-dark paint once again for the robot and his sparks.

thanks for reading and happy holidays!


Randall said...

I have to say, I loved this picture the first time it popped up in my blog roll. It just looks so festive, lively... fun. I totally get that kid. Great job, man.

O Maiquinho said...

i love it! the emotion of joy brings back memories from my childhood of playing with my new toys. freakin' awesome!!