Thursday, February 24, 2011

Comic Book Pin Up : The Destiny Gauntlets

(please click for larger view)

this is actually an oldie (but goody) for my good friend, artist & publisher extraordinaire, Mike Collins at Tiki Machine. It is a pin up for his comic book epic "The Destiny Gauntlets", for which i was lucky enough to have gotten to do the logo for as well last summer. I chose his character Ghavin, Giant Warrior and Child of the Flame!

This was one of those labors of love i did in the middle of the night, and i felt like i must've done ok judging by my fiancé's reaction when she discovered it on the drafting table in the morning. she's pretty honest with me, so when she tells me something looks good with mild incredulity i take it to heart with excitement. although this piece is actually half a year old, it's pretty indicative of the kind of work i am venturing into: comics! [ note: silence on the blog doesn't mean sparks haven't been flying in the studio; i'm hoping to share all sorts of fun news in the future] I'm so grateful to Mike for the chance to be in his book, and with such great ideas of his to draw inspiration from!

you can see more of what Tike Machine does HERE!


...while you are checking out Tiki Machine, you should really check out their incredible new book, MONSTER MYTHOS: A Folklore Beastiary. Truly amazing collection of monster art from a wide collection of some of the best artists across the nation. you can see a little of that HERE

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The "Young Guns" Tour

(please click for a much larger view!)

Coming to a city near you! "Ska Is Dead" Presents: The "Young Guns" Tour, featuring We Are The Union and The Forthrights! Find more info HERE! and don't forget to buy some cool new shirt designs HERE (or on tour)....

Reed, Jimmy, & Dave were amazing to work with, and i'm so glad to continue an awesome friendship with We Are The Union. Every second i worked on this poster was a blast for me, and i hope to get to do a whole lot more like it