Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The "Young Guns" Tour

(please click for a much larger view!)

Coming to a city near you! "Ska Is Dead" Presents: The "Young Guns" Tour, featuring We Are The Union and The Forthrights! Find more info HERE! and don't forget to buy some cool new shirt designs HERE (or on tour)....

Reed, Jimmy, & Dave were amazing to work with, and i'm so glad to continue an awesome friendship with We Are The Union. Every second i worked on this poster was a blast for me, and i hope to get to do a whole lot more like it


Chris Whetzel said...

Ha ha, this rules, Peter. Your hand-rendered type is insane.

m.singh said...

yo, this is amazing. i agree with chris, the hatching is incredible. also it totally makes me want to go to the concert.