Friday, April 29, 2011

humming an unfinished melody

i keep a special sketchbook given to me long ago containing work from a very unfinished series. i hope to finish it someday, and perhaps even share it.

i recently flipped open to this one though, and in lieu of the inordinate amounts of "horror" drawings i've been working on, i felt this would be fun to share.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake

It's with great excitement that I think I can finally announce my comic book debut! Coming to a shelf near you, premiering on a wednesday, I was asked to be the cover artist for Ape Entertainment's Strawberry Shortcake limited series!

(click for a larger view!)

This is the first time li'l Ms. Shortcake has graced a comic book in 25 years!
The best part? It's going to be a "Strawberry Scented" Issue #1 !!!

the process and people have been absolutely incredible to work with, and things have been smooth and enthusiastic. below is a quick sketch/comp and a preview of blueberry-centric #2 !

(click for a larger view!)

I can hardly believe it myself. Very proud to be involved in both comic books as well as once again having an opportunity to make art for children to hopefully enjoy. There are a lot of extremely exciting things in the works, both Strawberry AND non-strawberry, but I still can't share them all just yet. Rest assured I am busier than ever, grateful as always, and looking forward to it all

** UPDATE: we're a "Staff Pick" in Previews Magazine !!! Read all about it HERE!

thanks, and take care

PS: I saved this "sweeter" post for today so I could wish my Mom a very Happy, and monumental, Birthday. I'm so thankful for her; she's the best!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


just found this picture on-line and wanted to share. i saw it in person after Christmas last year and it was really exciting.

you can also see the art up-close HERE ... but up-closest LIVE!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Protagonist : States EP

recently i was asked to help Florida's PROTAGONIST to bring ideas for their new "States" EP to life. Modeled after their home state of Florida's flag, the band wanted reflect their own experiences, both wonderful and horrible, traveling across the country on tour, as well as broader interpersonal reflections on the past through stories both personal and historical.

(please click for a larger view!)

the inside of the 7"

the sleeve that will house the 7" continuing the motif of the flag's "X"
be sure to see the band on tour throughout the year, hear some songs, and find out more HERE or as always, at