Sunday, July 26, 2009

uncle sam, ready for business

here's a bit of a failure i did a few weeks back. there's a lot being said about government's role in business among other things, and i wanted to say something a bit more ambiguous about what's going on, despite (or because of) my own concerns & worries yet conflicting appreciation, but mostly because i rarely like smack-in-the-head illustration, unless it's profoundly clever. i suppose i have my opinions, but i also have my experiences, and a distant curiosity to see how things play out. that's fair. everything needs to be measured in qualitative, not quantitative measurements, and measured against the axis of short term good versus long term great (and short term good and quantity should always always lose that battle).

still, in the end, nothing is very strong, readable, or likable about this piece, but i'll post the stinker regardless

thanks for looking!

mr president

op eds always welcome!