Sunday, July 26, 2009

mr president

op eds always welcome!


Minder S. said...

The frame in the first image is a nice, subtle touch, and the dark shadows around his head, to me, seem to suggest that he's either "on" or "under" fire - which are both appropriate suggestions to make.

He looks slightly puzzled in the one below and gravely concerned in the one above. Again, appropriate suggestions in contrast to what seems like 90% of the pictures published of him walking his dog, or with his kids, or at a barbecue - he's always got this big grin on his face. The media scrutiny, particularly the trite, wholly superficial fashion angle ("Oh no, is the bow on Michelle Obama's dress too big for a meeting with with the Pope??") serves only to undermine the actions of what seems to be (on face value*) a man who wants only to do the right thing ("Radio!!!") but is keenly aware of the weight of history breathing down his neck.

Yet, at the same time, he has consistently failed to provide documentation of his birth in Hawaii, his bleeding-heart "spend-spend-spend" liberalism is bankrupting this country, he's black, and I'm pretty sure he's a sexy, lesbian vampire that feasts off the blood of teenage boys after seducing them (that's also the plot of the new Megan Fox movie but the point is valid, regardless!).

Back to your illustration, it's great and I think it works as a very nice companion piece to the Ahmadinejad one.

*I hate having to qualify my admiration of Barack Obama, straight-up, that dude has his shit together.


These are too gorgeous not to be shared on the blog. Please do so A.S.A.P! Harmonious, delicate, and strong as always Peter.