Monday, November 1, 2010

Sullivan's Sluggers - Casey's Wallop

(click for a larger view!)
well, we don't know the results yet, but The Autumn Society was invited to submit a pin-up for Image Comics' new fun athletic horror comic "Sullivan's Sluggers", and Image Comics would be picking their favorite 2 to publish, and the rest to help advertise. above was mine, and though certainly inspired by the book's team's coach, i was thinking of dear Rollie Fingers the whole time
meanwhile, my good buddy Justin Gray submitted this staggering monster of a piece that keeps unfolding more horrors and treasures the more i stare at it. i just had to post it here for people to click on. you should absolutely check out his blog HERE as well.

by Justin Gray:
happy halloween!

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Randall said...

Well, if they don't use yours, they are out of their goddamn mind.

Excellent mayhem, sir.