Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Less Than Jake presents: The TV/EP !

(feel free to click for larger views if you like)
Today is the official release day for Less Than Jake's TV EP ! it is still a blast getting to be a part of the visual history for a band that very much influenced where i am today and where a lot of my creative and professional passions lie.

When the band went to record 16 cover songs (in 11 minutes!) from various television theme songs and commercials, they wanted to give the impression that pop-punk has taken over the air waves and you are randomly flipping the channels.

that being said, we've engineered a very special collector's edition 7" vinyl record (to go along with the CD and the digital, available now) where, depending on how you fold the panels of your record, you will actually be able to "change the channels" and determine your own cover through a die-cut television screen!

channel 2....
channel 3...
and the "inside" of your tv (with some fun filaments)...

it's a strangely proud moment for me personally, when there are plenty of people who make me doubt my versatility as an unmarketable product, that there can't be a whole lot of folks who would've excitedly tackled all the visual parodies and styles the band asked for here. it's another reason it makes our long friendship and these kinds of projects so especially meaningful.

check out the whole EP (with a great video Buddy made) at LESSTHANJAKE.COM !



Chris Whetzel said...

Ha ha! This is awesome!!!! All aspect of Peter-ism show through with fantastic results!

derekdeal said...

this is brilliantly executed peter. makes me want to pack it up. great work!