Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Swing (An Old Fashioned Necromance)

(click any image for a better view)

This Hallowed Halloween, The Autumn Society and Philadelphia Cartoonist Society, curated by the amazing Sam Heimer, bring to you an incredible artist exhibition "...exploring all the elements that make Halloween creepy, imaginative, and fun." (check out the full Press Release HERE!)

and yes, i couldn't resist the urges to add some glow-in-the-dark flourishes on the tentacle suckers for extra fun spookiness...

here's the info! we hope you'll join us for an amazing Hallowed Halloween!

1 comment:

kc said...

Yessss this is fantastic. i love when people are able to make creepy things look beautiful. and i'm excited to see that glow in the dark again! it makes a great design.

i'm going to start making special secret presents in my artwork for YOU one of these days.

i wish i could make it opening night, but i'll be sure to drop by to see the show !