Monday, September 13, 2010

Exquisite Corpse

this was a blast!
if you're not familiar, the game of The Exquisite Corpse was started by the Surrealists art movement, wherein someone would draw one part of a body, cover their third (and extend the lines connecting segments) and pass it on to the next person to blindly continue, cover, and pass on. no one knew what the creation would look like until the very end

our good friend, obscene talent, and crazed renaissance man in California, Ryan Gannon has been doing loads of these with friends, but it was a thrill to do one with both Ry and the legendary Justin Gray. it really harkened back 8-10 years ago making mischief and artwork in our UARTs studio together, and was a small, fun, reaffirming testament to that kind of creative collaboration that ignores geographical separation.

below are links to their sites that come with the absolute highest recommendations to click and explore.


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