Monday, July 19, 2010


it is with great excitement working with SONY Music Japan and some of the amazing artists on their roster! They are hard at work bringing some of their talent to the states for the first time, and spreading the word on those who have already seen our shores. Here's hoping for more fun work like this in the future!

the first was one of several t-shirt designs for pop-star and super nice rock-n-roller BECCA!

and the following was a postcard design to be given out on tours, at festivals, and for promotion of these amazing musicians

it was a blast stretching my design muscles and being given such freedom to create and help SONY and their artists
thank you!


Randall said...

Wow, congratulations. Now you can tell people pw! is big in Japan.

Randall said...
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Randall said...

Also, I think it's rad how labels are starting to notice things about the import market, and what folks have been going out of their way to get their hands on stateside. ...less to do with your awesome thing, but a really good sign, I think.

pw! said...

Hey thanks so much Randall, i really appreciate it!

i agree i think it is a good sign. i'd like to think that someday we could all be good citizens of the world, and that sees over into my interests and influences.

a good friend of mine from college was from Japan, and said that if you were a band from America, you could do great over there, because things from America were as trendy as aspects of Japanese culture here. he lamented though that they were perhaps a little too open armed about some things of poor quality, and i can see that argument too. there's probably always going to be that mutual fascination though. regardless, i get a real buzz out of the thought that someone across the globe might be holding onto a cd i designed or a shirt, etc.