Thursday, August 5, 2010

the Riot Before LP !

an amazing day for mail (thanks Vinnie, and thanks Dave at No Idea)! The Riot Before LP came out absolutely smashing. sometimes you wait for months nervously, wondering if everything is going to come out manufactured ok. late nights staring at a ceiling thinking "will the double window die-line line up to reveal correctly?" or "will the CMYK vinly labels on the lighter paper be too desaturated"? i'm going to be a wreck if i ever have kids. but it came out marvelous. Paper+Plastick continues to reach for the stars and then some, and Walt and the fine folks at know how to get it done beautifully.

wouldja believe they sold out already? not even out three months! they're getting repressed though, so worry not, you'll be able to get them in all their color variations soon. be sure to check out The Riot Before in a town near you!


look! a movie of it opening! thanks Whetzel!

and if'n you missed it, i had a lengthy post with more of the artwork to look at HERE


how nice is this!?!? Brett and The Riot Before have been giving all sorts of interviews since there's been amazing reviews and well deserved acclaim since the record dropped on April 27th. they were incredibly kind enough to even mention me in their interviews in Punknews as well as Beyond Race !

here are some excerpts:

So this is your first record for Paper and Plastick, did you guys go all out on the vinyl? Can we expect some surprises?

"...The artwork itself is amazing-because someone else did it. Specifically, Peter Wonsowski. He was incredible to work with and was like Gandhi…patient with me when I'd give him really really vague direction and then change my mind. The artwork rules. Get the record, if anything, to look at it."


How do those themes fit into the rebellion cover art Peter Wonsowski created?

"I wanted the punk rock per se to be the cover art. I was reading through Dostoevsky
The Brothers Karamazov. There was this chapter called “The Grand Inquisitor” I was rereading last March and the chapter before that is called “Rebellion.” ...And when I did I stumbled across this quote that said, ‘One can hardly live in rebellion and I want to live.’ And that just struck me super hard because I’m 27. I feel like there is a certain part of your life where rebellion is really necessary, you have to throw away everything you once knew and you’re rechecking stuff. It’s a really an important part of growing up. But at a certain point you just can’t keep rejecting stuff and you have to figure out what you’re for and I think I am definitely at that point."


How awesome! first time my name has been part of a Question! very exciting, thanks everyone


IAN said...

brilliant. i LOVE LOVE that die cut flag & banner on the front. so awesome. how did you go about designing for the transparent picture disc? too cool.

pw! said...

Hi Ian! thanks for the kind words, i really appreciate it.

you know it's funny, with the vinyl record itself, i don't often have "control" of that, but really, the head of the record label has awesome taste and is all about the craziest colors you have ever seen on a record. the humbling part was after i submitted the artwork, he loved it; was super complimentary, and i immediately asked "so, ah, what were you thinking for colored vinyl?" and he had 3 versions that were all geared towards the 2 paintings. it made me feel so awesome

as far as how various manufacturers do the vinyl, after a master mold, so to speak, is made of the record, you can swirl, mix, splatter and do whatever to the vinyl material. i've seen picture discs (photos and such), i've seen crisp perfect line delineation's (a toxic waste symbol), insane nebulous swirls, and everything in between. they can do anything these days.

the fan in me goes bananas for colored vinyl

Borgus Weems said...

The die-cut took me totally by surprise! Looks beautiful.