Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pnut Jewelry!

i can't believe i haven't posted this sooner, but a short while back, my friends at the amazing Pnut Jewelry asked me to come up with a shirt design. head over HERE to see the generous write-up on it, and please order a few for you and your sweetheart! Sarah and i have our own, and i am telling you, no bull or bias, they came out Fantastic, and on the Nicest shirt material too. the attention to quality at Pnut reaches beyond the exceptional jewelry and into every aspect of everything they do.

frankly, i don't know when the last time you may have checked up on what Rusty has been working on, but be sure to check out all the incredible new things he has made; absolutely amazing. and you'll want to bookmark PnutJewelry.com. there's always exciting new things on the horizon there.....

the above was a four foot banner at an exciting and exclusive jewelry show in CA. always fun (and a little intimidating) to work that kind of scale, and Debbie and Rusty are the absolute greatest to work with. I had some extra fun re-drawing the chord in my convoluted roller-coaster-ride-for-the-eyes kind of way

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