Saturday, January 3, 2009

homemade game

Happy New Years!

so my niece Ella knows that her uncle works like the elves making toys all year, but this year i told her that because she was a good little girl, Santa was making something special just for her. i owe a huge debt of thanks to Bill, SARAH, Andy, Matt and Pat for helping me make this a reality, and making a little girl in Texas happy this holiday.

and of course, i had to get approval from the big guy:


chriswhetzel said...

ha ha! looks like the quest to find sandy claus was a success!

magruder said...

Your work continues to blow my friggin mind Peter.

- magruder

Michael Franklin said...

this is truly amazing your a great uncle man

Chogrin said...

Righteous pic with Santa, makes it even more official!

Marci said...

let me just say that we actually play this a couple times a week. its one of the best gives I, I mean Ella, ever got!