Sunday, January 4, 2009

ice cream people (living just to FIND e-mo-tion...)

this is for Mr Brian Butler of Ice Cream People (check the link!)

Winton Green :
"no need to beware!"


IAN said...

I noticed that you commented on my predator picture on the autumn society and decided to check your stuff out and let me say... blown away! your stuff is sick! consider me a daily visitor of your site now. and i saw your post about being at baltimore, oddly enough i was like 2 tables down on the right, between the bathrooms... small world.

Anonymous said...

this is eerily creepily delicious, wheatstraw!

minder s. said...

I don't think that cone contain him.

minder s. said...

cone "can" contain him.

Alliteration is not my strong suit.

Chogrin said...

WOah! Please post this on the Autumn Blog! THis an excellent project!