Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Inna Final Analysis" (who watches the watchmen?)

recently the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society via the generous Joseph Game & The Autumn Society, allowed me to submit a piece or two for the upcoming, expanded "Children of the Watchmen" show. The pieces will hang at a Regal Cinemas Imax theatre and we will all get to see an early screening of the film!!! very exciting.

the first piece is one of my favorite moments from the book, a shining example of humanity at it's greatest potential. the second is of a lesser character from the 'golden age'; the Silhouette. i wanted every aspect of the portrait/drawing to reference something about the unbelievable story that is barely hinted at and mentioned to readers willing to read every line, as well as deep between the lines.

I have seen the original show that was at Brave New World Comics and there was a lot of good stuff. i have also been fortunate enough to see some of the newer pieces by folks like Justin Gray and Kyle Hussa-Lietz, and they are the types of pieces that you will stop for a long long time to stare at

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