Thursday, March 26, 2009



you are cordially invited to the JOKER'S WILD SHOW!

"Come on April 3rd for a killer show!"

Host: The Autumn Society Of Philadelphia
OPENING April 3rd 6pm-9pm

at Philadelphia's Brave New Worlds Comics

The Autumn Society teams up with Philly's favorite purveyor of comics and art to bring you a gaggle of incredible illustrators giving their twisted takes on the clown prince of crime. this is going to be a lot of fun. i have been at The Autumn Society regularly getting excited by everyone's incredible contributions. mine, below, is titled "La Commedia è finita!" after the final line in the opera Pagliacci. i have been trying in vain to muster the courage to strategically smash the corner of the frame it is in, but you just can not control chaos correctly, now can you


UPDATE! Happy April Fool's !!!! tonight is the hanging of the show, and i started the day right by whipping a dart at the frame and then re-framing everything (like a dangerous puzzle) behind new glass so no one gets hurt



Chogrin said...

Smashing the corner of the frame is genius! I can't wait to see this beauty up front and on the Autumn blog!

capitano jings said...

Really nice version of the Joker, the crackled glass also goes with the style!
Cheers for the comments about the site, I have a few tips for making that look if you like just email me and I can send some stuff!