Thursday, March 26, 2009

[The White Sea / Holy City] update


Justin "Chuck" Edwards has been a good friend of mine, as well as one obscenely talented music maker, and i have been lucky enough to work on a very special project with him.

Whether it's ambient tones, minimalist landscapes, complex organically evolving beats, or lush dark orchestral soundscapes, Chuck is always doing something fascinating, impressive, and exciting. This particular project is an uplifting yet haunting more orchestral imaginary soundtrack of sorts, and that description does it no justice.

The packaging will be 100% hand made do-it-yourself, limited to a very small press, and hand screened gorgeously by our friend Aaron, at the only place in the entire country that can do the very special type of block printing we are using!!!! we are looking at types of parchment and styles of inks, but here are some rough ideas for you. as soon as we get physical copies we will let you know how you can hear this beautiful music! we are hoping the entire package of sights and sounds will help immerse people in the experience only an ALBUM can give from start to finish, as opposed to the "couple of mp3s here and there, way in the background" deviation.

feel free to e-mail Chuck at to find out how you can get a copy this year! i'm excited and proud to be a part of this; thank you Chuck (and Aaron)!

(click below for a larger view!)

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Chogrin said...

This is ridiculously amazing Peter! That wolf really comes through now. Especially with the black! What beautiful intertwining of design and illustration! The artwork on the CD label is simply exquisite and mind-blowing! You freaking rule PW! Can't wait to hear this too! I just e-mailed Chuck for a copy.

P.S. Hope you will be sharing this on the Autumn blog too!