Friday, May 22, 2009

" me from this darkness..." *

the world does not need another Johnny Cash portriat, and sometimes, perhaps in the case of film and fans in recent years, it would be a more fitting tribute to not pay homage at all. Cash, like many of the great songwriters, left music that will speak for itself and last the test of time; in a way that artists (and certainly, sadly, illustrators) rarely ever come close to achieving.

but i have always been a huge fan. both prison recordings, though very different, earn the adjective of 'landmark'. if there was a personality test where you had to pick a set of cards with the faces of music icons (lennon, presley, hendrix, dylan, etc), Cash would probably be one i would instinctualy grab.

this is the first in a series of portraits i am doing about musicians/icons in an attempt to just do more portraits, and also to do a little more editorial work. it was important for me to do things with more to say than your average big head-small body caricature.

fellow Highwayman Kris Kristofferson once said in an interview (that i can not find on-line, it was in Filter or something around the time Blade 2 came out) how relationships and creativity rarely successfully coexist. That you are always sacrificing one for the other. if you're lucky though, maybe you find that one in a million...
so this piece is, in truth, a tribute to June Carter

thanks for looking

* subject quote from 'I See a Darkness', actually written by Will Oldham, but what a duet they made of it


minder s. said...

Hot diggity dang, Peter! I can't wait to see more portraits; I get so amped when I see you've posted a new piece. I always notice the colors and textures first, and then there's a split-second "uh-oh, what's he done now?" before I look at what it is you've created. Then I never know what to say about it. I sense a kind of embarassment in his face, like he's not worthy and she loves him for it. The hands are amazing. Keep on keeping on brother.

Anonymous said...

Looks great, buddy! I dig the scanned lace!

Chogrin said...

Man Peter, you're at a whole new level!!!

Nina! said...

I love it... the hands are amazing!!

S.M.Vidaurri said...

this is a really nice piece, you captured the likeness of each of them well