Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Animal Summer: the A.K.A.s (are everywhere!)

recently, Philadelphia's dance hall fight musicians 'the A.K.A.s' asked me to help them with a special project. While they are on tour for Van's Wared Tour, they will be giving drum lessons to those interested parties who sign up (via their myspace. drummer Chachi Darin posted HERE). The winners will have a chance to win a painted drum head! i was really excited about this; i've never been a 'prize' before! Mike Ski has been an enthusiastic awesome guy. we switched places from Philly and NYC on the same moving day, but plan on meeting up for donuts eventually.

in the meanwhile, here's some process pics, but i'll be sure to post more as the band sends me news, ads, and promos
thanks everyone!

getting a good dance pose was not easy for me. thank goodness for my extensive collection of records and books (about record collections) involving the twist
it's a tiger...in jams!
the drumhead. iridescent gold here too, like sun on the water, to play with the orange black and pink color scheme, a la The Endless Summer

the icons were a small spoof of icons on signs at the beach, but also with a lot of thought regarding the AKAs, their new record, lyrics, past merchandise, and anthems.


chriswhetzel said...

Ha ha! Jams! Cool assignment! Kudos!

Kim Herbst said...

Nice pose!! Awesome colors too. He's definitely havin fun!

Minder S. said...

Great expression on that dancing tiger's face.