Thursday, June 18, 2009

Richard Stark's Parker

I am a huge fan of Darwyn Cooke. i think he is one of the best storytellers and artists in comics, hands down; he is certainly my favorite. in about a week, his graphic novel interpretation of Donald Westlake's (a.k.a. Richard Stark) novel 'The Hunter' is coming out. You can see a 21 page preview HERE! it looks amazing. Stark's main protagonist/anti-hero/no-hero is PARKER, who was the basis for characters played by Lee Marvin in POINT BLANK, as well as Mel Gibson in PAYBACK. basically fantastic crime/heist/betrayal/revenge stories.

there is a great interview with Darwyn about the project HERE and a review of The Hunter HERE

here are 2 quick pieces i did in the excitement of potentialy winning a signed copy from a fan art contest. cross your fingers!


UPDATE 8/16:
hey whaddaya know! i got an honorable mention, which comes with an incredible prize of a personalized copy of the new book! i'm so excited!
UPDATED (9/25/09):
! ! !

thank you Calum and Darwyn!

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Minder S. said...

I really like the first one. Is that blood dripping from his little satchel there? Actually it looks like he's standing in a few inches of blood and the dead guy's hand twitching... it's awesome man.

And I read that comic preview... damn, I said damn! Amazing.