Thursday, May 27, 2010

Derek and the Darling LOGOS

i don't know how i'm always lucking out working with the nicest people ever, but NYC's rock n' roll dance outfit "Derek and the Darling" presented me with the fun challenge of helping them with a new logo as they embark on tours and record releases all this year.

I wanted to find them something clean, sleek, and smooth to both match their style (as well as avoid anything looking too dated in a year), and something that would be fun and modern (but referenced their music too), not to mention match the enthusiasm of their personalities.

i believe in options, something i've been told is a bit of a designer no-no. sometimes i think it may be my lack of confidence in my design skills or sensibility, but other times i know that i'm the kind of person who can tell you what i don't like before i can tell you what i do like, and most times i have to see it first anyway. i think a lot of folks are like this, and the bottom line is, if i'm going to honor the compliment of being asked to work on something For You, i'm going to make sure it's done For You. i know it's supposed to be "up to you as a designer" to fine tune and craft a vision, but it's not entirely my decision is it; i'm just an interpreter and vessel.

i like options, i love exploration, and i'm all about collaboration with the client to give them something they will be a million % excited about. i've worked at companies that didn't care enough about the customer, client, or product, and the end results were never great, and never ever long lasting. so here i tend to bombard folks with a ton of (appropriate) typefaces first, thinking of them (and rocking out to their music) the entire time, and we narrow it down quickly and collectively. we start wide and chop 90%, and then dive into the details, where i tend to thrive. we actually staid pretty true to the various typefaces and pictorial ideas, with only minor tweaks to match the same precision their music has. here are just a few:

in the end we took a crucial roundabout journey to come back to a place where we started, wiser and more fine tuned than before! you can see how they used their new logo on FACEBOOK as well asMYSPACE, and of course on tour and on record now!

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