Friday, May 21, 2010

oh boy! new records!

and they came out great!

for the record:
1) Paper+Plastick Records is one of the best things to happen to music. period.

2) Coffee Project are two of the coolest dudes ever, and i'm SO proud to get to be a part of what they are doing. their show last night in NYC at The Silent Barn knocked my socks off, and their excellent new songs are full of so much heart-tugging & humor. you really need to see them on tour, as intimate a setting as possible, and be simultaneously spellbound and pumped by the cleverness of every aspect of the songwriting. Their first full-length LP "Moved On" is OUT NOW!

3) The Blacklist Royals bowled us all over. spirited, rebellious, & passionate anthems as heavy and driving as the motor on a '59 Buick Electra (you can hear some HERE). such rad generous guys too; really appreciated getting to spend time with them, and now triple-proud to have gotten to work with such a great band

4) Greenland Is Melting. phew, i was not ready. the most passionate bluegrass music you have ever heard. like the sweetest honey drizzled over your first heartbreak. i didn't get to do any art for them --- because the amazing Shaun Pereira did (and you have to buy this LP and unfold it's vertical Andrew-Wyeth-meets-Steadman+Burton glory)! head over to P+P HERE to download the record FOR FREE if you don't believe me. you'll be giving them your hard earned whiskey money like i did. have i mentioned Karl, Will & Shaun (whose name i misspelled on my card, sorry) are the nicest guys ever?


Zounds! check out this great tour video from Jake & Buddy, and the super nice shout out they gave me towards the end! this gives a great snapshot of one of the best shows/nights ever! (why, that's even my noodle on the bottom right of the preview!)


Kyle said...

Looks awesome Peter!

Will said...

i hear that man, i love paper and plastick, im so gutted about the preorders of coffee project selling out though!