Monday, August 22, 2011

Ramiel Sneak Peek!

Thought i'd just keep spreading the excitement about all these fun comic book projects! Earlier this summer i shared that i was working on an exciting new limited series called RAMIEL with writer/creator Javier Grillo-Marxuach and penciler extraordinaire Steven Gendron. well today i thought i'd share a few peaks from issue #1!

i love Javi's story and i really love Steve's pencils, so i was pretty intimidated that i wouldn't bring much to the table, but they've been such incredible collaborators and we've all been having a blast
here you can see Steve's pencils and my paints:

and here's a few "sneak peak" pages (click for larger view)

I don't want to give any story away but just wait until you see the lettering by the awesome Deron Bennett! You can read more about Ramiel on Newsarama HERE. The book will be out soon by APE Entertainment !

see you in the funny papers!


Borgus Weems said...

Sweet cripes! This looks beautiful.

craigp said...

Great coloring, add so much character to the book. There's nothing out there that looks like this.

Jess Tommassello said...

Beautiful as always, Peter. Craig is right, this is so out there and unique in a good way. I expect no less from you!