Thursday, September 3, 2009

Alarmcaster !

Philadelphia's Alarmcaster started off as 'friends of a friend' and quickly became 'friends'. we weren't sure if i could achieve the look they wanted at first, but we chipped away at it until the band was really excited about it, which of course is the best result i could hope for. Keats was a really super guy to work with and was terrific about the whole collaborative process. This awesome blistering CD is getting hand screen-printed on eco-friendly cardboard by the talented folks at Sire Press

concept thumbnails:

i really liked this next direction, and were getting close and feeling better, but not quite

The Final (click for larger looks if you like!) :


roger ycaza said...

Yeaaahhh!!!, i love this art!


Killer work man...
love the ghoulish looking body..