Thursday, September 3, 2009

Augustus : viva la vinyl!

just because it was quiet on the blog doesn't mean August was without activity! I hope to make amends with that with the next few posts

as always, feel free to click on the images for larger views

one fun LP i got to work on was for TN's amazing Blacklist Royals. It was fun to design and I hope came across classic and authentic. The LP comes with playing cards for a drinking game, so be sure to check it out when Paper+Plastick releases it
I am actually pretty proud of these labels for the 12". I hope it looks like an old LP you might find in someone else's attic
layouts are hard, and making a lot of type look nice is always a challenge, but hopefully I did the guys and their lyrics justice
next up was formatting a diecut LP for the band FUN. I can't take credit for the terrific artwork and design here, but setting up elaborately packaged colored vinyl is a pipe dream of mine and working with Paper + Plastick as well as Nettwerk records (sometimes while I was driving from NYC to Texas i might add!) put me on cloud 9
and did i mention....Adam Arcuragi's 2nd long player "I Am Become Joy" is out!?!?! now, between you me and the lamp post, the record doesn't officially come out on High Two records until September, but if you go and catch any of Adam's live shows now, you can put it on the Victrola in the atrium NOW! I can't tell you how VERY proud i am to have been a part of this record both sonically as well as artistically (the art for the CD, LP, and digital itunes and emusic versions all vary!). Adam came over and let me approve the test pressings, and bias aside, this is a gorgeous collection of songs that are so genuine and true i don't dare try and describe it (so click on his name and preview some tracks on myspace!)

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