Thursday, September 3, 2009

I 'heart' Harlem

moving to NYC and Harlem in Manhattan has been incredible so far, and thanks to an amazing support system of friends here, the enthusiasm of family, and of course Sarah Daisy Baugh as the best partner you could ask for in any adventure, it's hard to believe we've already/only been here for one third of a year!

the neighborhood and community has been wonderful, and we must be assimilating well as neighbors because I have already helped out two local Harlem entrepreneurs!

this photo is of a possible new club that may be opening, who needed a simple realistic logo of a leopard to get the branding rolling

this led to working with Harlem's historic jazz club the Lenox Lounge, a 70 year old institution like the Apollo Theater. They needed a new logo and updated menus to go along with their famous Zebra Room! I was very grateful and excited to work for such a local landmark

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Minder S. said...

Crab stuffed shrimp. Beautiful waitress that I wish was my grandmother... or aunt... or anyone that should be imparting wisdom. Bottle of Bud. Heaven. Is your design going to be the new sign out front? That's amazing. I love... no LOVE that place. 70 years?? That means that place opened in 1939. That's phenomenal. But, moreso, soulful.