Sunday, June 27, 2010

back in the Toy biz...

my good friend Clint at Aggronautix has been paying tribute and causing mayhem with his Throbblehead collectibles, and recently i got to work on the Andrew WK Throbblehead, on sale now on his tour and through Aggronautix! check out an article about it HERE on Limewire (with my illustration)! Andrew is a super sweet dude, was stoked with the work everyone did, and even signs his e-mails "love Andrew".
i even get my sketch on the packaging, with an artist credit, Thanks Clint & Andrew!

keep your eyes peeled for other fun projects in the works!

1 comment:

m.singh said...

So awesome! These likenesses are spot on, dude. Particularly 2pac. And I love Iggy's crusty zombieface. Great job, yet again!