Sunday, June 13, 2010


well i never thought i would do, or get to do, a Circus Punk, but here it is!

recently the indomitable Paul Palcko asked me and a whole lot of other talented artists to be part of his annual Clowntastrophe art show at the absolutely dynamite Delicious Corsets Boutique in Philadelphia! it's going to be a carnival blast, complete with sideshow, performances, great artwork by Paul + 30 other local and national artists, and even discounts on all Delicious products. Read all about it in the paper HERE!

although Paul's paintings themselves often have layers of commentary or references to them, i like his quote that "I see life as a circus, and all of us performers"

My "Circus Punk", traditionally a hand painted doll used by in carnival "knock down games", definitely shows the fun frivolity of life. the flame in his mouth is laughter, as no subject is beyond its overwhelming power of perspective. he is making a squeaky balloon skull, because i think about death not out of morbidity, but with the same affection i have for life, not merely as the other side of the coin, but the weight in the scales that makes life's lofty balance an exhilarating thing. i think that life, laughter, and death, have very close correlations, and in no way undermines the seriousness of the subjects.

if you can't make the show this Saturday June 26th to see them in person, check out the group blog HERE. below are some details, please feel free to click on them for some major close-ups