Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Armadillo + pw!

since i first got into punk rock and ska as a high-schooler in houston tx many moons ago, some of my all time favorite records & record covers had artwork by Jason "Armadillo". In addition to working closely with No Idea Records, a label that inspired and influenced my love for music and packaging, seeing anything adorned with his art always assured excitement and left an indelible impression on me. You could see it a mile away and know it was all his: phenomenal perfectly painted cartoons with a tremendous amount of bite.

now imagine my excitement when he got in touch with me to do a collaborative painting for Scott White's "Collaborations Show" in FL! It was a pretty big deal for me, working with someone who has been a staple of my record collection, and the process was even more fun than i could imagine

after being attacked by mosquitos and gnats one muggy afternoon in Florida, on the day New York decided to jump from 52 degrees to a most unwelcome 80, Jason came up with a funny solution for our tag-team large scale painting in true Armadillo fashion:

click any of the images for a larger view!

his sketch and process for his painting
(i don't know how he gets his lines painted so frustratingly perfect):

i spent one of my favorite days in recent memory throwing paint while it rained outside. i nervously added the bugs around 3AM and prayed i wasn't ruining Jason's awesome figure

bright and early the next day i shipped it back to Jason who put the finishing touches it desperately needed and pulled the whole thing together by making it pop. i'm crazy about the hand lettered can of bug spray he did, again, abnormally perfect

you can see some of his art at

the best part is we had so much fun...we're doing it again! keep yer eyes peeled way back for future collaborations in the future, hopefully at galleries near you!


Marty Desilets said...

Amazing. Stunning. Perfect

Jason Armadillo said...

Peter did a great job coloring and bugging this thing - as I knew he would. I especially like the white splatters around the spray nozzle of the can...

Chris Whetzel said...

Yeah, Peter does a good job a bugging me, too. I kid, he's awesome. Great collaboration!