Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Automatic Loveletter

Recently i had the pleasure of working with Juliet Simms & co for the new Automatic Loveeltter album. Not only was she an incredibly enthusiastic joy to work with, but the style and art direction i got to explore was an absolute blast for me

Sunny Sultana took a great photo of the songwriting siren in full war paint, and i began to explore weathered colors and watercolor possibilities (you know me, just a few...)

(i personally love the following, and we still hadn't gotten to the realistic feminine skeleton on top of Juliet everyone wanted)

add some hand done lettering and the final result:
an exciting, passionate acoustic record out TODAY on Paper+Plastick Records!
(feel free to click for a larger view!)

and check this out: Ernie Ball made a special guitar pick from my hand lettering!

check Automatic Loveletter at Van's Warped Tour right now this summer!


alibaba said...

Hey! Earlier I posted a post about the album and the artwork. It is so beautiful and very very nice work. I would die for to work with Juliet someday. Thanks for posting how you worked and build it up to a completed artwork.

Its my favorite artwork from all of her albums and EPs.

I run for the band's Street Team for Norway. (http://autolovenorway.tumblr.com)

the post (http://whoisalibaba.blogspot.com/2011/06/kids-will-take-their-monsters-on.html )

Dominic Bugatto said...

Nicely done.


Love this! what an amazing different level this is for you!