Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kind Ghosts

June 26th 2011, renaissance man, immense talent, and super nice guy Derek Nicoletto will be unleashing his solo debut album "Kind Ghosts" to the world!

It is always a treat working with Derek and i was proud and excited he asked me to do the layout for his CD. Walt Cessna took amazing photos (of Scooter LaForge's painted Derek!) and I reveled at the chance to do something clean, crisp, and minimal that still paid tribute to Derek's music, energy, and vision. I also enjoyed subtly playing up the electrical light element on the type as well as faint ghostly glows

a fraction of the explorations:

the 6 panel layout (click for larger view!)
while we wanted to keep things white with gray, i gave everything a faint "ghostly" pink to maintain the mood and aesthetic

the CD itself

and keep your eyes peeled around town for this Kind Ghost sticker, with a mysterious QR barcode that will take you right to a music video!
hear some music (and get ready to dance), and keep up with Derek's busy schedule at:

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O Maiquinho said...

great job! gonna check out the album.