Friday, September 9, 2011

Grammies & Merch!

mmmm Hmmm...


  i must really be forcing my way in the big leagues ... the folks in charge of merchandizing one of the top grammy winning country acts right now asked for a few pitches based on the recent work i've been doing with photography and watercolors

  actually, the timing is pretty exciting to be asked to do this proposed shirt.  at the time, i had just discovered that there was a grammy for "best record packaging"  (the Black Keys incredible album "Brothers" won it for it's simple typography and branding, as well as its innovative use of thermal heat-revealing ink).  it got me thinking, mixed emotions as i feel regarding certain awards and'd be cool to win a grammy for this thing that i have dedicated much of my life to.

  from hardwood floors to red carpet?  who knows what time could bring or where it even goes...

upward and onward!

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Randall said...

Impressive as ever, sir. Congrats.