Monday, September 12, 2011

Improbables / Brimstones 7"

a nightmarish slab of rock n' roll hellfire and vinyl coming at you at 45 RPMs soon!

  I have a very special connection to both of these bands.  I saw The Brimstones thanks to the insistence of an old friend and psychobilly in 98 or 99 in Philly, and enjoyed their brand of mayhem ever since (think the Trashmen's "Surfin Bird", who the Brimstones cover, but possessed by demons).   even better came the day old, near & dear friend from Basking Ridge NJ (home of the Red Devils!) Jeff "Montana" Brimstone became their lead axe-man.  a match made in Hades

  The Improbables I feel even closer to, though i'm only getting to know them personally better by working with them.  I've known front/wild-man Dave for some time now.  He is a modest do-gooder for the homeless youth of Philly, and treasure trove of rock and roll appreciation and knowledge,  a brilliant mind (and ear), ravenous fellow Pizza Wolf, road traveler, introducer of Sour Ales, and all around nice guy i'd do pretty much anything for (and i am eternally indebted to his and his wife's kindnesses).  and yet, nothing, NOTHING could have prepared me for seeing him perform with the rest of the incredible guys of the Improbables.  within the first few raucous riffs i had texted his wife:
"Re: your husband.  i had no idea.  Total Wild Man"

  this is the first of many future singles from The Improbables and i invite you to check out the links below, and URGE you to see them live at any opportunity.  treat Dave to a tiki drink (or a slice of pizza from Patsy's) and tell him peter said hello!  then step back a few paces and prepare yourself for an incredible rock show that has equal parts resurrection and possession

here's the back of the 7"

7" labels, i'm thrilled will have the "large holes" for your 45 adapters!

an older version i rather dig and thought i'd share:



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