Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Viva la Vinyl!

the long wait is over, the HAVE NOTS second LP "PROUD" is out on vinyl NOW, and they came out GORGEOUS!

you can see more about this special release and the packaging i designed HERE

head on over to PAPER+PLASTICK where you can order this and more great records!
they have tons of free music to download as well, go treat yourself!


i want to be clear, below are some records that i did NOT do the phenomenal design, but i was asked to take the all the pieces and assemble everything for production of vinyl, and i suppose i feel a little proud they came out so nice and wanted to showcase these great bands on this great label

first up is the newest rager from Landmines, "Commerce & Marx":

why, it was even proudly featured on Pirate Press's "Record of the Week" blog!

here's a real beauty: a loaded 7" where punks The Dopamines and Dear Landlord share a side each.
It's only $2.50 right now at !!!  you can not beat these mid-90s prices for something this awesome today.  i mean, look at that tri-color 7"!

so head on over to
(and tell 'em pw! sent ya)

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